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    Making Technology Enjoyable

    I've had many titles - Development Engineer, Human Factors Specialist, System Analyst. In the end, I help make technology enjoyable.

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    People use various devices to interact with the same application. Hey, I upgraded my website to be responsive for a reason!

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    The World of User Experience

    UX is an amazingly large field. Many disciplines work in many industries on many systems and tune many experience attributes.

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    The Elements of a User Interface

    There are billion different ways to design an interactive product. There are only very few good ways. The difference lies in the UX Design process.

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    There’s Always an Experience!

    User experience is the envisioned, expected, or actual experience of a user interacting with a technical product.

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    At the core of UX is the concept determining the interaction between user and product. It can boost or wreck the user experience.

Tobias Komischke, Ph.D. - UX Professional

Tobias Komischke has been working in the area of user experience for over 10 years. During that time, he has led projects and teams to create user interfaces of superior usability and compelling appeal in various industries.

Tobias is Senior Director of User Experience at Infragistics, Inc., an experience design company providing tools and services.

While he is deeply familiar with most aspects of user experience, his specialty is Human Factors Engineering which is rooted in his academic background in cognitive psychology.

An acknowledged evangelist for user-centered design strategy, methods and processes, Tobias is a frequent speaker at conferences and author for technical journals, magazines and blogs.

He is an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers (State University of New Jersey), a reviewer for international journals and conferences and a member of UXPA.